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What you should expect from Sparta Health:

  • You will be treated with respect, courtesy and consideration.
  • Your confidentiality is respected by all staff.
  • To be addressed by your preferred name or title.
  • We will aim to answer the telephone promptly and give you our name.
  • We will endeavour to answer any enquiry straight away or do our utmost to find out.
  • To attend treatment that is monitored by rigorous clinical governance processes and overseen by our Medical Management Team.
  • That any specific needs you may have will be reviewed by our Medical Management Team.
  • To know the names of the professional staff involved in your care.
  • To have the right to access to your medical records (under the Data Protection Act, and in accordance to the Access to Medical Reports Act).
  • To investigate any complaints under our robust Complaints policy which is overseen by our Medical Management Team, without jeopardising any treatment that has been arranged.

What you should expect from your treatment provider:

  • They will only accept a referral for conditions to be treated that are within their professional scope of practice and experience.
  • To be given a clear explanation of your condition and any treatment, investigations or procedures proposed, including any risks and alternatives.
  • To be provided individualised care.
  • To have your decisions about your treatment and care respected.
  • That you will be treated within a clean, safe and secure environment.
  • That you will be offered an appointment at your convenience in a geographical location that is acceptable to you.
  • That you will be seen promptly and if this is not possible informed of the reason.
  • To be informed in advance of any change to your treatment.

What we expect from you:

  • That you will treat Sparta Health staff with the respect, courtesy and consideration that you would expect yourself.
  • To be responsible for attending an appointment, or give Sparta Health and/or the treatment provider the required notice that you wish to cancel the appointment, otherwise you may be charged.

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