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We provide tailored health and wellbeing, rehabilitation and consultancy services to customers throughout the UK in three specific ways:

We design and implement turn-key health, wellbeing, and rehabilitation solutions

We truly believe that Sparta Health is doing things differently.  This is, in the main, due to the way we are able to design and deliver tailored solutions to our diverse Customer base. 

Dependent on the market our Customer operates in and the manner by which they wish to make services available our services can be designed to be delivered on a simple ‘pay as you go’ basis; a mutual subscription basis; a population basis or as an insured risk. 

We are challenging the traditional ways by which health, wellbeing and rehabilitation services are being delivered. You can read more about our services here. 

The importance of building close relationships with our Customers

Key to our success is our ability to understand the needs of our Customers; their employees, clients and/or members.  We build our understanding around our approach to familiarising ourselves with the culture and values our Customers wish to take; evaluating these and presenting service options.   

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Sparta Health – providing leading health care and management services for staff members, employers, insurers, solicitors and mutuals across the UK. You can contact us on:

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