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Why GP 24/7

  • There are significantly long waiting lists for many of us trying to get an appointment with our GP.
  • More people are working longer hours and often find it difficult to take time away from work and often do not attend at all.
  • More and more people think that GP services need to be open for longer.
  • It has been reported that digital GPs are preferred by young workers – Forty one percent of workers aged 18-24 would rather use telemedicine services than see a doctor in person, preferring to go online and use video links to access medical advice, consultations and prescriptions.

About Sparta Health GP 24/7 – an on-line surgery

Sparta Health’s GP 24/7 has been designed to deliver access to a GP from ‘Bath to Brazil’ no matter what the time-zone.  Employees, clients and/or members of our Customer organisations can benefit from ‘immediate’ advice and support.      

Flexible Phone or Video consultations - Our service gives individuals the flexibility to have a consultation with a GP in the comfort of their own home or at their place of work. Whether that’s over the phone or through a video consultation, the choice is theirs. They will receive unlimited advice and reassurance, and can receive a diagnosis whenever they need it, wherever they are.

Private prescriptions - During a consultation should one of our doctors feel the ‘patient’ would benefit from prescription medication, they can arrange and authorise this. Our doctors follow GMC best practice guidelines on remote prescribing and use a unique electronic prescription service for accuracy and safety.

Referrals and Fit Notes - If during a consultation one of our doctors considers a ‘patient’s’ condition requires further investigation or treatment they can issue a private open referral letter. Or they can issue a private fit note.  These will be emailed to the ‘patient’ and with ‘patient’ approval, a copy sent to their own GP to keep a complete set of records.

Health Information – With so much health information available to us it is difficult to know which information to trust.  Via a personalised app we can provide access to the UK’s most comprehensive medically validated health information database providing access to over 1100 topics 24 hours a day. Alongside NHS choices, it’s the only health information site our doctors will refer to.

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