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Sparta Health offers extensive coaching services designed to improve the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and employees.

Designed by a team of qualified coaching, mental health and wellbeing experts, our coaching solutions involve coaching, mentoring, and leadership development, and operate either as a standalone service or integrated into our mental health support services.  

While coaching can be therapeutic, it is not therapy. Therapy is based on a model which traditionally waits for something to be wrong before it is dealt with, and a diagnosis assigned. Therapists, in general, work with clients to heal emotional wounds and become fully functional again.  Simply put, their aim is to support their clients move from mental distress to “baseline”, or -5 to 0, on the mental health continuum. 

Comparatively, coaches are not trained to diagnose and do not in general focus on healing. Coaching is meeting a client where they are at, and partnering with them to motivate, strategise, plan, create something new and build a path forward. In other words, it is helping them go from “baseline” to thriving, -5 to +5 or 0 to +5, helping them to feel satisfied, contented with their lives and to maintain positive psychological wellbeing. 

We pride ourselves on our responsive and hands-on life coaching skills, as well as our professional and interpersonal relationships with clients. 

Some of our coaching services include:

  • Developing strategies to help individuals successfully change their health behaviours and daily habits.
  • Help to maintain the core pillars of health and wellness (nutrition, exercise, and stress management).
  • Exploring essential workplace skills such as resilience and adaptability.
  • Unlocking a person’s potential to improve their performance.
  • Creating a safe environment for the client to facilitate and produce their own change.
  • Helping shift one’s underlying beliefs, values, and thinking patterns (cultivating a positive, mindset, breaking negative thought patterns).
  • Creating lasting change by addressing and fixing the root of the problem.
  • Developing a strong, confident attitude to deal with daily challenges in both personal and professional life.

Our certified coaches specialise in working with individuals and organisations of all experience levels and sizes to refine their skills, establish helpful routines, improve their levels of wellbeing, maintain a strong and positive mindset, equip them for successful and fulfilling careers, and create healthy lifestyle choices.

Our highly acclaimed assessment, development and support services are available to help small and large companies to unlock the human potential of their people, grow employee resilience, and get future-ready.

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