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A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy habits. As we all know, making necessary changes and replacing bad habits with healthy ones is not always an easy task. Sparta Health recognises this challenge and is now able to offer an exciting Lifestyle Change Programme to our clients.

We help clients to kick start their journey and replace bad habits with healthy ones, offering full support throughout the process.

Benefits of the Lifestyle Change Programme

Supported by behavioural psychology research and experts, our digital programme enables clients to:

  • Begin whenever suits them
  • Create a personalised plan
  • Set achievable goals
  • Get regular educational content
  • Receive advice from experts
  • Get group support
  • Overcome setback
  • Swap bad habits for good
  • Sustain healthy habits
  • Continue to track progress

How it Works

The innovative tech package, offered as part of the programme, is designed to make habit change as easy as possible. Clients can measure progress, see successes, and maintain motivation thanks to continued support from our experts and the support group.

Lifestyle change is not only possible, but it can also be a positive and rewarding experience when done right. Implementing small changes in everyday life can be done step by step and without professional guidance, however, this approach is considered less effective and won't work well for everyone. The importance of having a support group, the latest technology, regular educational content, and a team of dedicated professionals for guidance is key to making these changes.

Empowering and educating people to achieve health and happiness, living an active lifestyle, and maintaining an optimal level of wellbeing - these are the main goals and a powerful vision that Sparta Health hold at its core.

The new digital Lifestyle Change Programme offers informative guides in several areas of wellbeing, including nutrition, motivation, exercise, sleeping, and much more. Practical tips from experts help our clients to develop discipline, encouraging them to become more active, teaching them how to improve their sleep and form healthy habits with friends and family.

For more information on how to start the programme, contact Sparta Health today and talk to one of our health and wellbeing specialists Sparta Health today.

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