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As with all our services, Nurse Advisory takes a person-centred approach. Our highly experienced registered nurses are accustomed to supporting people at the most difficult of times.

Sparta Health’s Nurse Advisory service is staffed by experienced registered nurses, who not only understand the physical, mental and emotional needs of those affected by an accident, serious illness or emotional trauma such as the loss of a loved one, but who also are accustomed to listening, caring and providing empathy.

Many of the Nurse Advisory team have specific skillsets in managing the effects of specific conditions such as mental ill-health, cancer and stroke and have first-hand experience of working with traumas – those that are exceptional and every-day. Our nurses focus on assisting individuals and their families to come through their crises and adjust to their lives where they have been affected by complex conditions.

Our nurses are caring and empathic professionals who during an individual’s treatment and recovery, will provide understanding, support and advice, such as helping to cope with the diagnosis of illness, post-accident planning or bereavement. They also help by providing explanations (where appropriate) of treatment programmes, prescriptions and surgical actions.

Conditions covered by our Nurse Advisory team (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Bereavement from loss of a loved one.
  • Cancer and its treatment.
  • Cardiac conditions.
  • Lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Medical trauma such as post-traumatic stress disorder or heart attacks.
  • Mental health problems.
  • Motor neurone disease. 

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