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Sparta Health offer a wide range of occupational health services, designed to improve the workplace health and wellbeing of an organisation's employees. Working with businesses of all sizes in a variety of different sectors, we provide practical tools and support to create a safe and healthy workforce.

We specialise in telephone/video consultations and use the latest technologies available, offering a modern, paperless service delivery, so that managers are able to make speedy and informed decisions regarding their employees. Although our service is telephone/video first, we are also able to offer face-to-face consultations, should they be required.

Our Secure Online Portal

Our Occupational Health Portal is a custom-built digital occupational health portal where you can make referrals, send various questionnaires, upload documents and download reports all in one place. This is a cost-free addition to our service allowing our customers to enjoy a range of time-saving benefits.

This system has been created specifically for Occupational Health and will help us to further streamline your occupational health programme, dramatically reduce the use of paper and is completely confidential, enabling you to easily manage your occupational health requirements 24/7.

Core aspects of our occupational health services are:

  • Management Referrals
  • New Employee Questionnaires
  • Online Health Questionnaires & Assessments
  • DSE Services
  • Health Screening
  • Health Surveillance

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