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Good musculoskeletal health is integral to a full working life. It enables us to stay physically and mentally fit and reduce the occurrence of other health problems.  Despite this musculoskeletal injuries and conditions (pain in joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons, and structures that support limbs, neck and back) have consistently been the most commonly reported and costly type of work-related illness.

Early diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions and easy, fast access to highly trained (Health and Care Professions Council and Chartered Society of Physiotherapists registered) professionals is essential to enable an individual’s successful physical recovery.  We adopt a ‘stepped-care/biopsychosocial’ approach.  This means that when assessing an individual’s condition we will always take into account the complex interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors that might impact on an individual’s ability to recover and return to work/full function.

We provide you with outcome/function focused, evidence based, reporting and specific decision support information on the health risks and costs to your business organisation.  

We work collaboratively with organisations to fully understand the specific demands of their populations so as to design the most appropriate, effective and high quality service.   Our services include:

Telephone triage – The first and integral step of our services, operated remotely by specially-trained chartered physiotherapists, this assessment will ensure the patient is routed down the correct treatment pathway whether that be virtual treatment, face to face treatment, or more specialist areas of physiotherapy such as neurological physiotherapy, or women’s health physiotherapy   

Virtual Physiotherapy – Sessions take place via video with a physiotherapist to support the patient with their progress which typically revolves around self-management on an injury ensuring patients are comfortable with their individual home exercise programmes and providing advice the patient on their journey to recovery. Typically, a course of virtual physiotherapy spans from 2-4 sessions.

Face to Face Physiotherapy – Through an extensive UK wide network of over 700 physiotherapy clinics, patients can access high quality face to face treatment with a HCPC accredited physiotherapist who can effectively assess and diagnose their injury allowing for the appropriate treatment plan to be implemented.

Specialist Physiotherapy – Should the need be identified during the telephone triage, more specialist forms of physiotherapy treatment can be sourced in the local area or remotely. Examples of these include neurological physiotherapy, women’s health physiotherapy, vestibular physiotherapy and others.

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