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Good musculoskeletal health is integral to a full working life. It supports us with functional mobility and dexterity, balance and co-ordination, and contributes to muscular strength and endurance; essential to nearly all forms of work. It also enables us to stay physically and mentally fit and reduce the occurrence of other health problems.  Despite this musculoskeletal injuries and conditions (pain in joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons, and structures that support limbs, neck and back) have consistently been the most commonly reported and costly type of work-related illness.

Sparta Health have developed an effective strategy around the use of remote, on-site and clinic based assessments and interventions to best manage musculoskeletal risks and conditions

Early diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions and easy, fast access to highly trained (Health and Care Professions Council and Chartered Society of Physiotherapists registered) professionals is essential to enable an individual’s successful physical recovery.  We adopt a ‘stepped-care/biopsychosocial’ approach.  This means that when assessing an individual’s condition we will always take into account the complex interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors that might impact on an individual’s ability to recover and return to work/full function.

We provide you with outcome/function focused, evidence based, reporting and specific decision support information on the health risks and costs to your business organisation.  

We work collaboratively with organisations to fully understand the specific demands of their populations so as to design the most appropriate, effective and high quality service.   Our services are:

Telephone triage – immediate access (24 - 48 hours) to a telephone advice service, operated remotely by specially-trained chartered physiotherapists.  

On-line and Video based assessment and treatment - Advice and a series of exercises to get an individual on the road to recovery.  All exercise programmes are regularly reviewed.  

National Network of, in clinic, Physiotherapy treatment (Off–site) - An occupational physiotherapy service that delivers a comprehensive range of preventative and reactive treatments for a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

Occupational Physiotherapy (On-site) - We place our physiotherapists, all of whom have occupational and industry-specific training,  within an organisation; this allows us to get to know the culture, structure, operations, environment, employees and their job roles and expectations.  Having this depth of understanding enables freer and better communication relating to the impact of an individual’s condition and their rehabilitation programme.    

Work Station Assessments (WSAs) - Poorly set up workstations puts employees at risk of injury.  Our asessors are equally skilled in providing desk based and non-desk based WSA. The WSA will provide assessment, analysis and advice on an individual’s work area and the tasks that they carry out, relative to their personal abilities. The aim of the assessment is to identify any risk factors which may be causing or give rise to potential musculoskeletal problems.

Functional Restoration Programmes (FRP) – The primary focus is to help individual’s with chronic long-term and recurrent musculoskeletal conditions to return to work and normal function.  A Functional Restoration Programme is a goal-orientated occupational rehabilitation programme designed to restore an individual’s capacity for work or other activities.  The goal of the program is to restore an Employee’s ability to perform work-related tasks to enable them to return to work.

Health Promotion – Preventative and Educative programmes are really important in combatting the rise of absence and presenteeism costs caused by musculoskeletal conditions.  We are able to support organisations in the design and implementation of: 

  • In-house Health and wellbeing initiatives.
  • Health Promotion events throughout the year.
  • Departmental or ‘hot spot’ musculoskeletal injury prevention training.
  • Risk analysis.

Work with Sparta Health to develop your organisation’s physical health and well-being programme.  Contact us today.


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