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In our series of podcasts, we present thoughts, discussion and debate between Sparta Health’s Mental Health Clinical Lead, and Psychologist, Dr Sandi Mann, and Steve Bennett, on behalf of the Sparta Group.  

In our third episode, Sandi and Steve discuss further the beliefs and values that underpin your experience of life and that you can change either at any time to positively affect your outcomes.  You can change what you feel and the emotions that rush through you to those that serve you better. The discussion moves naturally onto how authenticity and reclaiming your authentic self as a major step toward greater happiness. On this voyage of self-discovery, it is inevitable that we ask ourselves the question “Will the real me please stand up?” Answering the question takes courage, courage to face the uncomfortable truth, with relentless honesty and perseverance, perhaps discovering that some of the masks we wear in life are no longer serving us.

Discover how the beliefs that reside in your mind dramatically improve or impair your experience of happiness. You’ll hear about self-limiting beliefs like imposter syndrome, a common and misguided feeling that we are not good enough in one role or another in out lives.

What are your values and why are they so important to your happiness?

Cars, houses, money, relationships are not values, they are objects of desire. It is the feeling these things bring to our lives that represent our values. Values are who we are. What we value determines what life means to us and what actions we take. When we honour our values consistently, life is happy and fulfilling.

Two fundamental areas have an influence over the happiness we experience in our lives, and they are our values and our beliefs.

Authenticity and The Masks we Wear

Discovering the authentic you that makes you most happy, reclaiming your authentic self, avoiding the negative influence of others.

True happiness lies in being yourself, the real authentic you. Not the ‘limited self’ you pretend to be most of the time, behind the masks you are forced to wear to protect yourself and others from hurt, pain and criticism. The freedom to do or not to do anything and everything – this is our natural state of happiness before we covered it with masks and limitations.

Dr Sandi Mann is a recognised professional expert in the field of human psychology, yet she explains how we can switch our thinking processes in simple, clear and understandable layman’s terms so that you we may all understand how the thoughts we have and how well we control them can have such a positive effect in our lives.


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