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Sparta Health provides a range of specialist training, assessment, and treatment services, promoting the health, wellbeing and safety of individuals and employees.

We all know how it feels to come to work after a night or two of poor sleep. We can feel tired, anxious, we may be less patient and more irritable or begin to feel depressed. For many of us, normality returns after a good night's sleep and we feel 'back to our old selves'. However, for an increasing number of people, sleep problems and insomnia have become chronic issues and as most of us spend a great deal of our time at work, the consequences for employees, employers and society in general, are substantial.

Employees who regularly experience poor sleep can suffer a range of negative consequences including:

  • Poor attention and concentration
  • Slower reaction time
  • Fluctuations in mood
  • Poor decision-making
  • Memory difficulties
  • Problems with relationships
  • Compromised physical and psychological wellbeing

The personal, social and financial consequences of insomnia and sleep problems are serious. Issues can range from mild discomfort to billions of lost working hours, and even large scale industrial accidents with major consequences to people, economies and the environment.

How can we help?

  • Screening Questionnaires – short screening questionnaires that can pinpoint individuals within an organisation that need additional support with their sleep.
  • Online Sleep Assessments – Sparta Health provide sleep assessment and treatment services for employees who experience sleep problems and insomnia. During the assessment, we will gather all the necessary information about the employee's sleep, daily/weekly routine, any medication taken and the impact their sleep issues have on their daily life and activities. The assessment takes around 35 minutes to complete.
  • REST Programme - While many of our clients can effectively improve their sleep with the right support and advice provided via self-help guidance, some clients with more complex and deep-rooted problems may require further specialist support. The R.E.S.T programme™ is a bespoke treatment programme incorporating evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia with proven efficacy. The programme is effective in the assessment, treatment and management of clients sleeping problems.
  • Clinically effective in a wide range of clinical populations including those having problems with mental health, pain and brain injury, the programme is effective for both adult and child clients.
  • Oximetry - Oximetry is a non-invasive way to assess a client for sleep-disordered breathing. A finger sensor connects with a wrist-worn device that records blood oxygen levels and pulse rates.

To understand how Sparta Health’s sleep services can help you or your organisation, contact us today  to get more information.

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