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Sparta Health’s approach has shaped the development and design of our Stay at Work & Return to Work Service

Our proactive, fully managed service is entirely focused on getting an early assessment of an injury or condition. This allows us to identify, at the earliest possible time, the most appropriate workplace and/or medical/therapeutic interventions, outline recovery expectations and provide a meaningful justification for any treatment and rehabilitation programme.

We have found that our approach provides for better communication, understanding and motivation with faster and more sustainable outcomes being achieved.

The approach is supported by coordinators, overseen by our experienced absence management professional with goals being set by a qualified occupational health professional from the outset. Our occupational health professionals' will be accountable for setting the goals and are responsible for the overall effectiveness, as an interdisciplinary team, of the Stay at Work & Return to Work programme. 

Key Benefits

  • Reducing the possibility of a formal claim due to successful intervention
  • Increasing employee satisfaction following employer support
  • Reducing claim numbers which could lower Employer Liability insurance costs
  • Minimising the time for the employee to recover and return to work
  • Produces a complete consideration of a case at the outset.
  • Prioritises and controls activity, spend and duration.
  • Presents a readily understandable and evidence focused picture for all, ensuring that all reports from medical/therapeutic professionals are work-focused.
  • Brings about potentially significant reductions in the overall cost of a case. 

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