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Our data-led approach to workplace wellbeing consultancy ensures that we understand your challenges, trends and hotspots when it comes to wellbeing at work.

People who enjoy their job are far more productive and engaged than those who don’t. Engaged employees will contribute more and help organisations flourish. 

With long hours and the general stresses of life mounting up, employee physical, financial and mental health at work has never been more under the spotlight within organisations. Encouraging employees in the right behaviours, such as speaking up, taking a proactive approach to their wellbeing and supporting one another is vital to organisations. 

As workplace wellbeing consultants, we work in partnership with you to implement a proactive, and preventative wellbeing and benefits offering, containing various initiatives which deliver true value, maximise your return on investment and optimise the health and wellbeing of your valued employees. Together we’ll help promote a positive workplace culture championing employee health and wellbeing and ensuring you have an optimal working environment for employees and employers alike.

Building a structured, and well-rounded employee health and wellbeing policy that incorporates proactive management and intervention of wellbeing at work will help you achieve the following:

  • Increased employee engagement 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Lower sickness absence 
  • Lower presenteeism 
  • Better control over your people risks such as attraction and retention 
  • Management of reduction in insurance premiums

Wellbeing at Work Analysis & Recommendations Report

We have developed a Wellbeing at Work Analysis Questionnaire & Recommendations Report which enhance the support we are able to offer, benchmarking against best practice absence management guidelines, and helping us identify your hotspots in order to build and enhance your overall offering.

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